Electronic Components galore, everything from the basics such as resistors right up to integrated circuits.

Electronic components by themselves may not have much value, but when a few components are paired

together, that is where the magic happens, everything comes together to form one system to satisfy the

requirements of which the circuit has been designed for.

Off course to make this magic happen, the components need to be interconnected, this is where the prototyping

boards such as breadboards (which do not require any soldering) and vero-boards come in handy. Feel free

to refer to our Prototyping section if you wish to order any of these.

Just remember! All components are made from smoke, no matter how expensive they are! Once

the smoke is out, they do not work anymore! So please ensure to follow the correct handling and installation

guidelines for different components, and make sure that the correct polarity and correct voltage is always applied.

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